Apply today to open a customer account with the full range of Elemetal companies

    To comply with our responsibilities in the precious metals industry, we may ask that businesses provide the following documentation when applying:

    • Applicant’s Driver’s License, Passport, or other valid government-issued ID.
    • Driver’s License, Passport, or other valid government-issued ID for all authorized payees on your account.
    • Copy of your Business License, Resellers Permit, and/or Sales Tax Certificate



    Our comprehensive business account application gives your approved business access to services at all of the Elemetal companies to meet your needs.

    Elemetal’s customer application and approval process is operated in full compliance with The USA PATRIOT Act of 2001.

    * Please note that Elemetal operates solely on a business-to-business basis. Private investors interested in doing business with the Elemetal family of companies may order from Provident Metals or trade with Elemetal Vault.