What we refine

    Breadth and depth in refining high-grade, intermediate, and low-grade materials


    Elemetal Direct specializes in processing high-grade precious metals originating from the following sources:

    • Gold – Karated scrap jewelry in any form, filings, grindings, dental gold and alloys, casting trees, casting grain, fine gold grain, gold ingots, and gold bullion and coins
    • Silver – Sterling silver jewelry in any form, scrap silver jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, sterling silver flatware and hollowware, electrolytic recovered silver, filings, grindings, dental silver and alloys, silver casting trees, silver casting grain, fine silver grain, silver ingots, and silver bullion and coins
    • Platinum – Platinum jewelry in any form, bench filings, grindings, platinum thermocouple wire, crucibles, catheters, medical platinum, platinum laboratory ware, platinum flake, platinum foil, platinum casting trees, and platinum bullion and coins
    • Palladium – Palladium jewelry in any form,bench filings, grindings, palladium casting trees, casting grain, fine grain, palladium bullion, palladium dental scrap,and palladium bullion and coins

    Additional services include:

    • Stone-removal services for diamonds and other gemstones from all jewelry
    • Refining of floor sweeps, bench sweeps, polishings, filters and sink collections