One Elemetal

    The goal over the past 12 years has been to develop business models that cater to our customers’ needs for every step of the precious metals process from raw material to finished product.

    Elemetal has grown from a single location to an industry leader backed by the highest level of certifications and standards of quality. Our network of stores and key divisions preserve the highest level of integrity as we continue to grow and find new and exciting ways to serve the precious metals industry at large.

    Elemetal’s dedication to our customers has made us one of the largest American-owned precious metals companies.

    As our business continues to expand, we had to ask ourselves: why have many people—including our customers who use one or more of our services—not heard of Elemetal?

    The answer is simple: we haven’t told them who we are.

    For too long our companies have worked independently of each other, offering high quality customer service and deliverables but not efficiently marketing our entire range of services.

    That is changing with the move toward one Elemetal.

    Elemetal Core Values

    Integrity, Stewardship, Discipline, Collaboration and Perseverance.

    Elemetal began just over twelve years ago when two brothers saw enormous potential in gold. While the gold market was near the bottom, our founders saw a nascent blossoming industry ripe with potential. They knew it was only a matter of time before the market corrected. And as we all know the market did more than correct—it skyrocketed.

    As gold prices began to soar, the consumer need for an integritydriven direct buyer spurred the growth of Elemetal’s business. As the price of gold continued to rise, the need for Elemetal’s services also increased. The only option was to expand.

    The founders often joke that their biggest struggle was expanding fast enough to meet the booming market.

    As Elemetal grew, it became apparent there was opportunity to diversify. The need to vertically integrate the business led to a period of organic growth and acquisitions where Elemetal diversified into recycling, minting, bullion storage and other related areas designed to help the end user. However, as Elemetal grew these newly formed companies all had separate names. As a result, many of our customers didn’t know that Elemetal could assist them in every aspect of their business.

    Many of our customers didn’t know that Elemetal could assist them in every aspect of their business

    “We realized that the best way to serve our customers was to vertically integrate our business so that our customers had the opportunity to work with one company from raw material all the way to finished product.” says Mark Wayne, Executive Vice President of Operations.

    This decision has allowed Elemetal to proudly announce to the world in one simple sentence who we are and what we can do:

    Whether you’re a miner or minter, scrap buyer or seller, wholesaler or retailer, banker or broker, Elemetal is here to meet your needs.

    “We want to be able to serve our customers in every business that they do,” Wayne continues. “Some refining customers are also jewelers and pawn shops selling diamonds and watches. By creating one Elemetal, our goal is for our customers to know without a doubt, that we can help them manage their entire business.”

    “It’s a funny thing for us. When we have a sales person talking to a jeweler recycling, there is a good chance that the jeweler’s case is filled with gold and silver that we had a part in delivering to him,” said Alan Stockmeister, Chairman of the Board.”

    “The bottom line is that currently only Elemetal has the ability to help customers on both the buying and selling side. We can also help customers buy or sell as little as an ounce, and those looking to move a ton of gold or silver. No competitor can deliver what Elemetal can to both ends of the market.”

    What is One Elemetal?


    Our expansive network of stores gives us the unique ability to serve you conveniently wherever you are. Whether you’re in Anchorage or Atlanta, Honolulu or Houston, we have a store near you waiting to provide industry-leading turnaround on your recycled or “scrap” metal. Elemetal Direct delivers the highest level of integrity as we continue to grow and find new and exciting ways to serve the precious metals industry at large.


    Elemetal Capital is a full-service trading firm making continuous liquidity available to our partners in the precious metals industry. As the wholesale distributor for the entire Elemetal family of companies, Elemetal Capital focuses on physical metal trading, metal derivatives, and foreign exchange.

    Elemetal Capital makes a market in all major gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products. With an inventory that includes everything from fractional gold coins to 1,000-ounce silver bars, we provide our customers with a one-stop shop for all of their bullion needs.


    At Elemetal Diamond, we strive to deliver the highest level of service to our clients. Whether you are buying or selling, you can expect professionalism throughout your transition process. We deliver straightforward information and transparency in the live cycle of diamonds.

    Our goal is to standardize the pricing of melee diamonds and give fair and competitive bids on all loose stones. Our ability to reach out to an expansive network of diamond dealers and wholesalers provides current market pricing
    on all categories of diamonds.


    Elemetal Vault offers a new level of security and liquidity to all gold and silver bullion investors. Our online portal gives investors the ability to quickly trade and store physically allocated gold and silver 24 hours a day with no commissions and no hidden fees.


    Elemetal Mint leverages its familial expertise to provide reliable excellence. It also pushes the private minting industry toward continued improvement through innovation and
    craftsmanship. Our Dallas facility leads the market in precision and quality.


    As the electronics-recycling industry continues to evolve, it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate a true recycler from a typical collector. Elemetal Recycling has raised the standard and redefined what it means to be a true end-of-life recycler. Our goal is to take each material type down to its most basic form and perform as much of the refining process as possible right here in the United States.

    As a large-scale processor of circuit boards and electronic waste, Elemetal Recycling buys on a per-pound or refining basis, depending on quality and volume.

    Elemetal Recycling has one of the nation’s largest networks of collection facilities, with over 40 locations accepting small-volume electronic waste. Our national presence allows us to offer quality services at competitive prices. Elemetal Recycling processes the electronics we receive in our R2-certified facility. Our facility is designed to process precious-metal-bearing products from all types of industries.

    Elemetal is refining the future

    It’s key for our customers to know how these changes will effect how Elemetal does business going forward. While Elemetal has become a market leader in a short period of time, we are still an emerging company in the marketplace.

    Changing to one Elemetal shows one of the ways we are different than our competitors. We are able to adapt to the ever-changing marketplace by offering streamlined, vertically integrated customer centric performance.

    At Elemetal, our focus is on the future success of our industry. Our goal is to continue integrating divisions and services in our persistent search to find new ways to bring value to our customers.


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