Our goal over the last 12 years has been to develop business models that cater to our customers’ needs for every step of the precious-metals process [from raw material to finished product].

    Elemetal has grown from a single location to an industry leader. Our network of stores and key divisions preserve the highest level of professionalism as we continue to find new and exciting ways to serve the precious metals industry at large.

    Elemetal’s dedication to our customers has made us one of the largest American-owned precious-metals companies.

    Elemetal Core Values

    Integrity, Stewardship, Discipline, Collaboration and Perseverance.

    Elemetal began just over twelve years ago when it’s founders saw enormous potential in gold. While the gold market was near the bottom, they saw a nascent blossoming industry ripe with potential. They knew it was only a matter of time before the market corrected. And as we all know the market did more than correct—it skyrocketed.

    As gold prices began to soar, the consumer need for an integrity-driven direct buyer spurred the growth of Elemetal’s business. As the price of gold continued to rise, the need for Elemetal’s services also increased. The only option was to expand.

    As Elemetal grew, it became apparent there was opportunity to diversify. The need to vertically integrate the business led to a period of organic growth and acquisitions when Elemetal diversified into recycling, minting, bullion storage and other related areas designed to help the end user.

    Many of our customers didn’t know that Elemetal could assist them in every aspect of their business

    Whether you’re a miner or minter, scrap buyer or seller, banker or broker, Elemetal is here to meet your needs.

    We want to be able to serve our customers in every business that they do. Some refining customers are also jewelers and pawn shops selling diamonds and watches. We can help them manage their entire business.


    Our expansive network of stores gives us the unique ability to serve you conveniently wherever you are. Whether you’re in Anchorage or Atlanta, Honolulu or Houston, we have a store near you waiting to provide industry-leading turnaround on your recycled or “scrap” metal. Elemetal Direct delivers the highest level of integrity as we continue to grow and find new and exciting ways to serve the precious metals industry at large.


    Elemetal Capital is a full-service trading firm making continuous liquidity available to our partners in the precious metals industry, metal derivatives, and foreign exchange.

    Elemetal is refining the future

    Elemetal is a market leader, able to adapt to the ever-changing marketplace by offering streamlined, vertically integrated customer service.

    Our goal is continually to find new ways to bring value to our customers, and thereby contribute to the future success of the industry.


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