In-house mint producing premium bullion and bars and specialized products like ultra-high-relief coins


    Elemetal Mint leverages its familial expertise to provide reliable excellence. It also pushes the private minting industry toward continued improvement through innovation and craftsmanship. Our Dallas facility leads the market in precision and quality.


    We are driven to exceed even the most exacting standards to ensure accuracy at scale.

    The Elemetal Mint is ISO 9001:2008 certified, producing .9999 gold and .999 silver coins. Our production line is designed to deliver consistent accuracy across thousands of ounces of throughput.


    Elemetal-branded bullion and bars are among the finest and most meticulously crafted products on the market.

    Everything we do at Elemetal Mint is guided by an intense appreciation for the centuries-old craft of minting. With generations of experience, our professional minters produce the finest bullion and bars available.


    We are an industry-leader for new product innovation and specialty minting.

    We continually innovate our processes and products. As the first mint to produce a two troy ounce ultra-high relief silver round, Elemetal Mint sets the standard for first-in-class bullion. We are also a market leader in other specialty bullion, and we take pride in our ability to push the private-minting industry to new heights.